Not all award-winning commercial Photographers can add Director, Director of Photography, Film Editor and Producer to their repertoire of skills and experiences. With twenty-five years of experience in both production and post, RICH MARCHEWKA is as comfortable handling a print assignment as he is directing, editing and producing a live action project. With an easy-going personality, he is able to wear all of these hats without showing the nerves that often come with it.

With the onset of integrated marketing and multiple platforms for advertisers, this combination is an important “X” factor when clients have both motion and still content needs. Equally invaluable is his understanding of both specialties if asked to work side-by-side with other productions during an assignment.

Through hard work, determination and a strong sense of self, MARCHEWKA is now in a place where he can focus on subjects from many walks of life. From shooting a celebrity at the Oscars, to a tai chi master in meditation, to children sitting atop a car in Yosemite, his passion is to capture the moment in as real a way as possible, while delivering an image appropriate to his client’s advertising needs. The human spirit is what drives him.

MARCHEWKA left his native Windy City after high school graduation to work in film and television. He relocated to Los Angeles and during these early years, his interest in photography ignited and grew, as he shot stills in a different place in the world each month while on a project or personal vacation time. As a self-proclaimed news-junky, he would seek out places that were off the beaten path, preferring locations such as Cuba and the sub-Sahara. On one such excursion in 2001, MARCHEWKA photographed portraits of Nelson Mandela, other dignitaries and many suffering from AIDS while attending the AIDS Conference in Africa. These photographs made their way into an exhibition at Union Station in Washington, D.C. for members of Congress. At this point, he understood his still imagery had the potential to reach a broad audience.

During the past seven years of fine-tuning his portrait work, he has become especially motivated to create imagery with an optimistic outlook, making even the most skittish subjects relax into the moment through his personal easy going and humorous character. While growing up in the Southside of Chicago, he was surrounded by people who spoke their mind. He believes that during these formative years, he became a people pleaser, which has helped him connect with the diverse and varied types of personalities he photographs today.

Never idle, MARCHEWKA recently added Executive Producer to his accomplishments for “Tommysaurus Rex,” a film based on a graphic novel, currently in development at Universal Pictures. Even so, his true passion is to stop moments in time with a camera, bringing out the spirit in his subjects or environments, while considering the connection it can make with viewers.  His past experiences have helped bridge his present vision, whether working on professional assignments or capturing special moments with his wife, two daughters and menagerie of family pets.